Company Overview

Many grid connected PV systems are installed on frames which are mounted on the roof or walls of a building. Used in this way the PV does not take up land that could be used for other purposes.

Ideally the PV faces towards the equator (i.e. South in the northern hemisphere) but the exact direction is not critical. Because of the decreasing prices, the rapid growth in the market for grid-connected PV is expected to continue even if government support is reduced.

Our Mission

Many grid connected PV systems are installed on frames which are mounted The global PV market has experienced rapid growth over the past three decades, averaging 35 per year.

Most of the recent growth has been in grid-connected PV which in 2009 accounted for about 95 of total PV sales (7.6 GWp out of 7.9 GWp) and 87 of total installed capacity (21 GWp out of 24 GWp). PV currently supplies about 0.1 of global grid electricity.




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